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In Greek mythology, Athena (daughter of Zeus)  is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Athena's companion was the goddess of victory, Nike, and her usual attribute is the owl.

As a twenty-first century woman, your choices are limitless in how you can make a difference in yourself, your family, and your community.

Every woman should dare to achieve what she desires in life.
Every woman should become the unique person she was born to be.

Athenapreneurs gives you a valuable opportunity to connect with other female entrepreneurs while offering inspiration and empowerment.

Together and in team spirit, our goal is to educate, motivate and assist women to develop professionally and personally.

Athenapreneurs are united in team spirit. 
We pride ourselves in our teamwork:

  • Tap into the talents of an expert team of Athenapreneurs.
  • Create key strategic alliances, share/discuss/exchange
    life-skills and business building ideas.
  • Have like-minded women committed to promoting each other.
  • Empowering a spirit of teamwork and entrepreneurship.
  • Build local and global business alliances and connections.
  • Increase your word-of-mouth referrals + generate more leads.
  • We mentor and teach the skills to business network effectively.
  • Participate in community connection nights, trade shows + biz mixers. 

Today's successful women entrepreneurs are very much in tune with the
idea of co-operative marketing and business referral networking
with other women for mutual benefit, profit and performance.

In a competitive economy, your edge depends on creating cost-effective
ways to increase your business building activity.

How can I promote myself and my business?

There are several ways to promote your business, products and services: 
Advertise in our weekly communication email update + newsletter.
Promote in one of our community connections marketing booklets.
Vendor booths and display tables at our community connections trade shows. 
Be a guest speaker, 10 minute educational presentations.
Bring a door prize, samples also work very well.
Provide a discount/special offer to your fellow members.

Athenapreneurs has a strategic alliance with the groups/members of,
Referral Quest, www.ReferralQuest.net
TheBizHive, www.TheBizHive.com
Ten Star Network,

We are committed to helping our
society prosper.

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